Thursday, February 11, 2010

life is unfair

when i was in pri sch, the first day of class in p5, my teacher told me this line, "life is unfair"
never thought much about it. thought that line sounded funny. but i guess reality is correctly dictated by that short phrase.

it doesnt pay to be nice. nice people are often the ones being trampled on and being taken for granted of. sometimes i wonder if God put me through uni to teach me to be wise. we should be nice but we must be wise as well. Over the years, i have learnt to shrink my trusted circle of friends. Not every friend is a friend. tats what the world have taught me. i didnt want to believe it at first. but indeed its true. life is unfair. those friends whom u thought they are friend might not be after all. look at my bff, i made a huge card for him - it took me mths? and recently i decided to finish it and i had to stay till 4am+ to do so. got lots of scolding from my parents who asked me if i thought it was important to do that now when i had tons of things to do for exchange. and guess wad. didnt even think he appreciate it that much. when i asked if he was going to send me off, he said: ur flight is so early! see how. i will set my alarm clock but not sure if i will be there. if ___ go then i confirm will go. IF only that someone go then u will go? makes me feel our friendship aint worth that much. i told myself, i will nv make anything that is time consuming for anyone again.

this is just one example. there are many other ppl whom im not suppose to care abt and be upset over. cuz they aint worth it. when i come back from korea, i will make sure my heart is so cold that these ppl wun matter to me anymore. no more. u ppl watch out, cuz i aint going to be as nice as i use to be. i aint going to be as friendly as i use to be. and i aint going to be tat someone whom u think u can cast aside.


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