Monday, December 07, 2009


ouch. ouch. ouch. dunno wad's wrong with me nowadays or if its God's purposely doing all these. i keep getting hurt by people. i can literally feel my heart bleeding. i always thot people will reciprocate sincerity. so being the foolish me, i throw in lots of love and sincerity in friendships. only to realise that im a fool. only to realise that the power lies in those who care less. only to realise that it can really hurt. am i being too sensitive? but its cuz i care thats why expectations are higher. u were right. no expectations. no disappointment. no hurts.

i cant even recognize myself anymore. i use to be so happy. and now, im like forever immersed in sadness. i hate this life. i dun even know wad im living for anymore. for God? but it doesnt feel like it. my heart has hardened. and my soul is turning cold. i feel cold inside. somehow along the way, i feel i given hope on loving people. given hope on the chance of people loving me as well...


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