Monday, December 14, 2009


my heart is healing. i can feel it. i was so so so broken and torn. thought it wld take forever to recover. thanks to my beloved besties who made me feel so loved! :) just came back from malaysia. janene just came back from australia. it has been one year since i last saw her? gosh. times flies and i really missed her! so glad we could spend some time together.. was really glad i could share how i feel and all. they know me so well :)) but dunno why, everytime i see allen, i think of hall and my heart starts to hurt. how i felt he knew abt so much things and yet not tell me. how i once thought that if the whole hall was against, he wld be someone who wld still stand by me and not be influenced by wad they say. but i guess people do change huh..

so glad i went malaysia. it really helps in the healing. being with my beloved christian friends. i miss those good old times. miss AC. wish the world was more like AC. but of course, it wont be. and i have to grow out of it. time to move on. haha. i have been reflecting for like the past few days. i think this is prob why i always cant sleep at night. whenever i close my eyes, i will start thinking about all these stuff. sigh. dear heart, hurry up and get healed.

church camp tmr! shall sleep soon. hope that through this church camp, i can finally get closer to God and also to my church ppl. have been praying a lot abt church.


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