Monday, December 25, 2006


woah! its been a looongggg time ever since i blog..hhaha..i have been super super duper busy..i cant believe hols are gonna be over..sigh..

let me start with youth church camp..woah..i tell u organising a youth camp isnt easy..cuz there are so many unpredictable things that will the stupid weather..organising is super tiring..but i guess the outcome is satisfying..really have to thanks the whole comm and pastor siow hwee and uncle daniel and those who helped in one way or another..the camp wun be successful without u guys..yup..

let me start with the camp comm!haha..i love u guys to bits and pieces man..though sometimes we have arguments..though sometimes u guys really make me wanna cry and give up..but i love you guys alot..and thanks for being there always and working as a comm together..i still rmb the nights we had to stay up till to discuss abt stuff..the times when we are all so tired but still continue to press on..the times when everything doesnt seem to come our way..but we manage to salvage it by God's grace..i love u guys alot..and i will always rmb u guys..and after so many years..we may have distant away frm each other becuz of our own busy life..i believe that deep right down in our hearts...we are close as when we were young cuz our foundation is laid.=) yupp.haha.u guys have to endure me for one more year!!muahaha..=p no teasing ok..haha.this goes out to junwei.haha.but let us embrace the next one year together and see our church change and get ready for revival!

haha..this is one camp i will nv forget..cuz its so tight packed!haha..maybe i went for ogl camp at the same time..ahah..sorry corinth..din manage to spend time with u guys even though i wld love to..=)

ogl camp..saralonde rox i tell u! the ppl there are cool and all..haha..i cant wait for oriention!hahah..

after church camp and ogl camp...i was super exhuasted..i slept from like 12am to 3.30pm..ahha..then i went to help out for ccis..dressing up like a roman woman..telling the christmas story..first night was with ben n deanna..haha.ben is crazy i tell u..he is a chicken glutton.ahah.oops..haha..second night was cool..i saw eunice!!!! i cant believe cool rite..haha.then we had fun telling the story..haha..then this india news reporter came and asked us to say the christmas story and stuff..ahah..super night like 11pm..i went high and started singing..we all sang carols..haha..super fun!then it ended super late..i was telling God pls let me catch the last bus..and u noe wad..right after i walked out of the mrt and to the bus bus cool rite..

and party at ephraim's hse was fun!! haha..even like half the time i kept getting jack..roar!myron u watch day i will jack u like crazy in front of the juniors!!!muahaha..haha.ate alot of food..and yeah..had fun..i will miss cg man..i love the ppl there too...

yupp..wad eve..haha.went church.haha.had a talk with pastor siow hwee..hhaa.i really respect him as a pastor la.i know how hard it is to be a pastor..haha.cuz you must be really humble and all..haha..which explains why my calling is not to become a pastor..hahaa.had a long talk..oh well..most of the stuff he said is true..and i decided to stay for one more year..i promised u guys out there can be my witness...and this one year i will give my best la..i promise i will not be half hearted in doing things and stuff..haha..yupp..

oh man..hols are gonna be over and i haven even start doing my hw!!ahhh!!!haha..i m so dead.haha.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

busy busy busy

haha..i haven been blogging for a looong time..haha..
after coming back from the myanmar made me think alot..and kinda help me grow closer to God..
i must declare i havent done any hw..haha..and i m like super busy with church stuff and next next week OGL stuff..must rely on God's strength alr..haha..
haven found anyone to co lead with me for long worship..sigh..i dun really have the confidence to lead myself..and i haven really decide on my band members! ahhhh...
haha...but hols have been good..i hope hols will nv end and next year will nv come man..