Monday, June 19, 2006

famine camp..

woah..juz came back form famine camp yesterday..oh well..that camp is a meaningful n fun one..i dun regret "family" is a rather funny and interesting
then the first night was toking to jocelyn..haha..we had fun toking abt our dream well.. my dream guy muz love God alot alot!! he must be a devoted christian! ahha..and he wears specs(i duno why.but i think specs make a guy look smart.haha)..then muz be super nice and i say..its dream only in dream lar
aniwae yar..very tired lar.juz came back from comm gathering..haha..had fun..eating! like duh..thats wad we always do..hah..and oso we discussed a lot of stuff lar.yupp..
sigh...feeling very drained..cuz i have been praying quite alot for the past few weeks..and yar..i need alot of prayers now..for strength esp..cuz sch is reopening soon..and then also i haven study finish..i m so dead lar..
haha..but nevertheless...God shall take care of it for me..haha..i love my BIG i got 3 daddies..the heavenly one..the earthly n biologically one..and then the CF comm one..haha..we decide to call david daddy and janene boss will still be shadrach..hhaa..
yupp..gtg now..bye!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

happy birthday mum!

haha..todae my mum's muz dedicate the front part of my entry to her..haha..
haha..aniwae went out to eat todae..haha..and before that..i studied at home!! wow! haha..i filed all my wksts!! whee..i m a neat person..literal thinker mah..everything muz be organised before i can study..ahah..
hmm..lets toke abt yest..yest was sun..haha..nth much..went church..then after that no went home..and slept..haha...then at night was doing quiet time..and then..felt God was telling me sth..i duno whether its from Him..but then i m very sure that God really wants us to focus on evangelism this year..and that picture of a tree He put in my mind is not for nth one...i din noe the bible has so many mention abt trees! but then the other pictures have not come to use yet.and i kinda forget some of them.hah..u see i have STM..haha..and i realise how cum david becomes the president! ahah..its quite funny in the passage..haha..act i think it is a coincidental..haha..but anywae i shall share it out during the next meeting...haha..
aniwae i will continue for discernment to see if its really from God or is it from me..cuz i got sth that kinda shocked in i duno wad He is trying to tell me..but anywae..yar..pray for me too..for strength(some ppl will noe why) and sensitivity..
yupp..thats all...janene!! when are u coming back to Singapore..i got stuff to tell you!!!haha

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


haha...i spent most of my time todae in library!!! studying econs!! can u believe it..i did my holiday assignment! haha! i juz wanna study for the glory of God..i mean nowadays..i feel so much focus in all that i do..and really i got this indescribable joy(the joy of the Lord) in my heart!! whoohoo!!

aniwae todae went library to study with wanting..haha..i spent the whole of my afternoon studying one stupid topic of econs and doing my holiday assignment lar..haha.cost of production.haha.till now still got some stuff not clear.sigh.haha.aniwae todae sth interesting happen in the library..haha.before i study i usually will pray i prayed but not in a obvious manner resting those kind.then after i pray finish.i look up and saw this guy sitting right opp me at the table in front of me smiling at me..haha.i was puzzled.but anywae i juz smiled back and start reading my econs notes..haha..maybe he is a christian too!

then i mug mug mug till 6pm..went to a hse near serene center..haha..for some christian was rather cool.yupp..then go sleep..hha..bye!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Global day of prayer

todae is sun again..yar..i was co-leading worship lar..todae was rather good..well done band members..good least thats wad i feel..haha.yupyup
aniwae got to start thinking ideas for the camp liow..hahaa..kinda not very creative now..and dun really have much ideas..hah..
then i went for global day of prayer..went there early to study lar..haha.and then met up with wanting!! sec sch best frend..glad she is doing rather well in her sch which is njc..not bad eh..they have bible study grps there..goodgood..haha..aniwae made a few frends..haha..and then went to meet up with caleb they all...haha.. was great see so many ppl come together and as one nation pray for our own nation as well as others..and also very touched to see the pastors from two very diff denomination coming together and humbling themsleves before each other seeking for forgiveness..i was really touched lar..cuz it has always been my wish to see that the two big diff denominations to come together and really become united as one body of christ cuz i myself am a person whu has charismatic or rather pentecostal beliefs serving in a presbyterian church..yupp..
aniwae God spoke to me again!! He is just so GREAT..u noe i learn one thing..when u submit urself totally to God and focus on Him every single moment of your will find Him talking to you many a times..sometimes we get so caught up with our own stuff..we drown/ignore the voice of the holy spirit..and we complain why God nv speaks to ironic is that..
aniwae not going to say wad He told me lar..but then from now on..i m not going to waste any single moment of my youthful life..cuz when u are younger u can really do alot of things..not that when you get old,you cant do as much..but then during our youth days it is easier to evangelise lar..cuz we are surrounded with ppl and we have frends supporting yupp..i will make full of this holi to really humble myself before the terms start and before i act carry out my service..i will be praying lots and lots for them(humility and humbleness) and also unity of the comm..yupp..
aniwae after that went home with caleb..haha..and learnt sum stuff from him and hear some stories too..God is really amazing..the way He works in each and everyone of our lives..yupp..aniwae very tired now..gtg sleep...bye

Saturday, June 03, 2006

whee! more pictures...haha

guys in the bus

boss sleeping..haha..wad is joel doing???lol

my team acting dao..haha..

ACS Idol

haha.went ACS idol yest..haha..quite in i thot jasmine is one of the singers!! cuz the night before michelle was telling me when the lines are open sms to jas and tell her we are voting for i really thot that we are gonna vote for her!!! i went to buy some flowers and made them into a bouquet myself..haha..and i skipped my dinner(subway!!!)..and after that i was hungry..but nvm..treat it as dieting.. haha..then i reach there i realise she is juz playing the keyboard for blur of me..haha..

aniwae had a rather fun time listening..but the stupid light keep shining on me..making my eyes so tired!! haha..and then after that..helped them pack to be a worship I/C ..haha..joel said this is like his last m sure he will miss his "children"..haha.he so funny..

then we packed till too cant eat supper..*sob*sob*...went home to fix some food for myself..haha..then went to sleep..haha..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

looking back...

oh well..
somehow i was reading all my past entries...haha..and realise how much i have grown!! and seriously..i thank God that He has carried me thru all those..and till wad i have bcome..even though the road ahead is a tough one(He put a burden in my in..i cld foresee that there will be many times of darkness)..but i know that my God is gg to carry me thru all these..
and really CF has also brought me closer to Him and keep my focus right during evetyday life..and i still cnat believe that we are actually going to take over..i mean the feeling is abit weird lar..having comm meetings without the seniors?haha..and i cant imagine next year when they are all gone and the new batch is gonna look up to us like we did to our seniors.haha..but oh the same time..kinda excited wad God has instore for us..haha..
i juz wanna thank God for everything lar..really everything..