Wednesday, September 28, 2005

God is GREAT

quite long nv write liao..haha...ok..cuz i decided to start studying a bit.ok lar...must self control myself liao...haha
prelims results...get back almost all liao... L1R5 can say is worst than my mid years..haha...lolx...
but i m very surprise at myself that i didnt feel like crying!!!or i dun even feel down or sth...
those whu noe me shld noe that last time in the beginning of the year...i cry like siao over my COMMON test results lar..becuz i was afraid that with my standard i cannot make it to O levels..haha...and that time was like still so far away from got one month to it...but i m not as worried as b4..haha..God has really changed me...God has changed each and everyone of us and we are so much closer to Him than b4.God is juz so great man!
maybe because i felt that studying is not my main purpose is not the most important the the second day when we got back our results...i was feeling quite down..i mean if i dun feel anything,i wun be a human..but then i went back and do my quiet time...i felt more comforted...cuz i somehow feel that results are juz one small part of life..there is a MUCH bigger purpose waiting for me...and i read sth that spoke to me..or remind me..
When one confers with Jesus Christ the perplexity goes, because He has no perplexity, and our only concern is to abide in Him.
yupp....we muz not forget wad is our main purpose in life..and whu we are working for..sometimes we tend to forget that and let the worldly things affect us.yupp..
anyway let us have faith in God ,the one whu NEVER fails us!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

fighting the unseen (II)

haha..continue from the previous entry..
actually a life of Christ is a life of conflict cuz Satan is fighting as christians we will always face spiritual warfares.When a person comes to know Christ and is born again,the Bible says he is removd from Satan's control and becomes part of God's kingdom!
thus the ONLY way Satan can influence us is by decieving us into thinking that he actually has power over us.which was wad he was trying to do to i kinda of felt dumb that i almost believe him.haha.then after that i was laughing and scolding Him for being so dumb..going around tricking people.and i really wanted to kick his butt.
even though we need not to be scared of him because we have Christ in us but we still need to remain alert in our spiritual life so that we will not be tempted or decieved by him.

Let us put on the full armor of God (belt of truth,plate of righteousness,gospel of peace,shield of faith!,helmet of slavation and sword of the Spirit which is the word of God)
so that when the day of evil comes we may be able to stand firm!
Let us keep pressing on for Him!because He is juz so AWESOME and WONDERFUL!!!Amen?

Monday, September 19, 2005

fighting the unseen

wah...really very long time nv update blog liao...
tmr is chem can relax a
dunno why nowadays i seem to be so lack of courage...
yesterday night..i dunno why while i was studying a maths...i started crying...
it was really quite bad for me..cuz i didnt noe why i was crying and why i was down...
actually it happens b4 quite a few times..but this time i didnt expect myself to be down
cuz the past few days i have been walking closely with God,spending even more time with Him even though i was in the midst of prelims..i was so hyped up..
i thought of setting up a prayer meeting in my church youth ministry..i thought of improvising my church cell grp session...i thought of so many things...i guess one reason i was down is probably i was disappointed with myself...
even though i thot of so many wonderful the end i did have the courage to do them..all week i have been thinking of doing them..but juz couldnt find the time to send emails..asking ppl to cum early on sunday to pray...but when it cums to sat when i had time to do..i did not have the courage to even click "send" but i deleted them away.yarh...u all muz be thinking i am so hum(4) rite...
i noe i really need to gather a few ppl to pray b4 the bucking up my courage i asked my closest frends in church-2 of my cell grp members.cuz i knew that they will support me...but even knowing..i had to hesistate for 10 mins..
haha.the best is i have become high D in my church.can't imagine rite.a high I person can become high D.haha.but i had to.
i wrote encouraging letters to ppl but i dun feel like giving them..i dunno why...i was hit real bad yesterday..i was so disappointed in myself and i felt that i disappointed God alot and also i could hear a voice in my mind saying," said you are close to God,you dun even have the courage to do his things.this shows that u are actually not close..look at are such a prideful person with so many flaws.u r still the same as before u accepted Him.or even worse." i started crying and crying and crying.but i dun dare to close my eyes cuz i will see this (dunno how to describe) laughing at me..and then i was confused..i didnt noe whether it was the devil whu was talking or that was wad i was thinking.and i got always..
and i felt really tired...spiritually not physically...
i started listening to music...i juz choose one CD that i havent heard it for very long time before... and i came to this song..let me type out the lyrics..

Hide me now,under your wings
Cover me within your mighty hands
When the oceans rise and thunders roar
i will soar with you above them storms
Father,You are King over the floods
i will be still know you are God
i rest my soul, in Christ alone
know his power,in quietness and trust

yupp...then i recalled that time when i heard this song and got touched by Him..that time also happen to be one of my lowest times...but i was facing a lot of problems then...then i was thinking if God can lift me up from all my burdens and let me go closer to him...then now..i am not having any problems juz spiritually low..i m sure God will lift me up again..becuz God is always with me...and i was reading thru my spiritual journal...i saw a verse that i wrote last time.."God says,'Never will i leave you;never will i forsake you" i was quite comforted.then i prayed and prayed...haha..yupp...and i felt God was telling me that i juz need to trust Him,have faith in Him.wadeva i do will not let Him turn His face away from me.because He is such a FAITHFUL God.he sees our flaws but still loves us anyway.haha.yupp.look at how LOVING He matter how many times we have break his heart but as long as we repent,He will welcome us with open arms.Praise the Lord man!