Tuesday, March 20, 2007


haha..taking a break from studying of chem..haha.i havent talk about Synergiz!haha.i have been to 3 years of synergiz and i must say that Synergiz never fails to stir up my passion for the Lord and HIs people..=) super cool can.
haha.before i went synergiz i was really rather down..i guess very tired of all the things i have to face and do..however..during the conference..the Lord really taught me some things..and He has given me new revelations..which is super cool.haha.lol.God is an awesome God la..in the conference i have made a pact with God.i told Him i decided to choose the cross above anything else.even though the cost of choosing the cross and persevering in the "spiritual ice"(relating to the story that Jeanne Mayo said) is tough..but i guess that the ultimate outcome and result will be fulfilling..thus i decided to re-enter into my church's worship ministry and also not giving up on CF comm!!=) i prayed to God that those hurts and pains will not harden my heart against them but rather the opposite-softening my heart.and you know wad..God granted my wish.ahah.really amazing..even though the situations are still there..but now im able to face it and plus even better- with a softened heart!=) cuz the past times were horrible.i could felt my heart hardening against even the people i love in comm and in churh..thats why i chose to escape..i chose to not face reality..i chose to heck care everything..but now! i have made a pact with God! and i believe that with God's strength i will persevere on and see the glory of God revealed before me! =) yay!

im gonna be a red tagged person from now on! all for HIs glory now and forever!amen!=)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


haha.decided to take down my previous entry..cuz i felt it was written out of anger..and it is not very edifying to my cca..so yeah..haha..i still love them...there is this song that i really like and that is testify to love..for as long as i shall live, i will testify to love..=)

haha..i have been studying like crazy for like the past few days la..ok..maybe not crazy...but still quite hardworking la though i got take breaks like shopping..eating..walking and talking...hhaa..actually i like this pace of studying..though i know i should be more focus and more efficient.haha.but i like leisure studying..haha.i prefer studying at a more relax pace than this..haha.but God has blessed my studying..though to be honest..im not efficient in doing work.haha.

today went studying with da jie..haha.not very fruitful..cuz my mind is like dead..i dun even think when i do the math questions..haha.i hope tmr will be better..haha.then i saw bernice and cherilyn at island creamery studying too..then saw hussain afterwards..ahha..singapore is so small huh.haha.lol

anyway was just thinking about passion AC stuff..actually im still quite stress abt it..sigh..the band is still not yet formed!haiz..there is so much to consider abt..rawr!haha..but i guess i have to continue to look to God.=)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

im back!

hello people!
i'm back! haha.after so long of not writing..haha..sooooooooooo many things happened over the past few weeks..firstly was Chinese New Year..then followed by founders day..and releasing of A level results...hhaha.watching the seniors taking back their results was indeed exciting and how to say..im just so proud of them(even though they are my seniors) and i could feel the AC spirit in the hall la.=) im glad many did well..i felt that our seniors worked especially hard so i think they really deserve the good grades cuz it was achieved by sacrifaces of fun time and endless amt of effort and a whole lot of discipline. and i realised as they came back on that day..how much i missed them..the seniors i would say play a rather big part in my J1 life.haha.especially those from CF!!=) haha.seeing them now dressed in all different kind of clothings and with all sorts of hairstyles made me feel very weird..haha.they seem so familiar but yet so different like they have all really grown up..haha.

and i think watching them getting results also stirred a feeling in my heart.cause the week before i was considering to request for retain..my health got worse than last year..i keep feeling tired and all..i can hardly catch up with my work..and i really felt that by then i will still not be ready for A levels. but as i watched the seniors as a cohort got back their results..and i felt that i dun want to remain in this college next year while i watch my cohort getting back their results..i think it wld be a horrible feeling..and i dun want to remain as a J1 watching my batch graduate during baccalerate service..oh well.. i guess it really helped me decide if i shld retain..and my ans is no..=)

nowadays..i am quite ok..but rather stress for passion AC..sigh..and nowdays im crazy abt this show "Hana-Kimi"..and i noe i shldnt be distracted esp when terms are coming..and i cant believe im crazy over wu chun..his face keeps appearing in my mind..can someone slap me? haha..perhaps as i was telling my friend.he has all the qualities of my ideal guy..haha.he is like an all rounder..and most imptly..he can cook!!!!! and from his blog.i can tell he is a veyr nice guy..oh well..but he is a star and he is so much older than me..i shall stop dwelling in my own dream world.haha.its time to wake up and buck up for terms!

sometimes i really wish i can be back to last year..all the enthusiasm and brightness i had in my eyes(although u cant see cuz my eyes are really small)..but this year..im always in a sian and stoning mood..sigh..