Wednesday, November 28, 2007

stress free!

woah.A levels is like FINALLY OVER! no more papers! like NO MORE! not a single one! its been a long time since i sat down stoning and talking to my frends and not feel guilty for not studying!whoohoo!=)went out with janene and's been a long time since we went out together..miss u two man..both of them gg back to malaysia..honestly i nv seriously thot of wad will happen next in my we talk abt our future..and i realise its no more in AC uniform..i felt quite sad at the reality really sank in..that im not in JC anymore.i will miss my JC use to it alr..oh mann.....anyway we took some photos=)

there is always the child factor in our hearts?haha

then they went to my house to stay u wad we do at 2.30am in the morning!

haha.yeah.we were cam whoring!LOL.then we talked la..will miss them man..

Thursday, November 22, 2007


wheee! ok.this is abit too late..but kinda relieve that A levels is almost done!left one last paper and that is literature.haha.but im quite glad its lit cuz it means there's not much studying..cuz how to study for lit?!haha.perhaps by reading alot of materials i guess.haha.
cant wait for As to be over and then i can finally concentrate on church stuff.has been away in my old church for like 2 mths?haha.but quite one came to visit me during these 2 whole seems that it didnt matter that i disappeared.haha.but its promise is abt to be complete!one year is up..and i cant believe one year passes by so quickly.this one year has been a very trying year for me..i look back and so MANY events took place..its like countless.haha.cant imagine me working next year.ahha.but i cant wait to learn new things!! i think there's so much to learn in this so much...

today went shopping with sarah..ahhh..i cant decide wad dress i how so usual.hahaa.hopefully i can make up my mind..