Thursday, September 20, 2007


its been quite long since i last blog.haha.i know i shouldnt even be online..A levels is like 39 days away.haha.stress stress.haha..trying my best to study hard la.then really leave the rest to God..i have really seen how God can move in people's lives.i believe He can do miracles in my life too.haha

there seems to be a lot of things on my mind right.alot.i need to learn to let go and let God take charge..but i just wanna in the midst of all these..i will still love You Lord..i will still love You..

if only you were more responsible and nicer to me..i probably would have truly felt happy for you..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

NOTHING is impossible for God

i have learn alot alot this week..really alot..haha.watched facing the giants again on is truly inspiring..its like my third time watching it..and yet..i still can learn sth new out of it each time i watched it..really good=) it talks abt how we say we trust God and believe in Him but yet we dun take for example 2 farmers prayed for rain for their did nth and just waited for the rain to come..whereas the other one went out to prepare his field for the rain to come..and thats wad faith is all about..preparing ourselves first before God send His miracles..and this catchy and meaningful line was repeated throughout the movie..if we win we praise God..if we lose..we praise God..i mean that should really be our attitude...
in the show..the coach asked..what is the purpose of football to them? if it is just to win and be champions..then it is meaningless cause all these are temporary..people will forget them as years should be to honour God in wad we are doing..God has blessed us the talents..and we should use these talents to show how great our God is and not use it for our own really reminded me of why am i studying?wad is the purpose of me studying?wad is the purpose of me being in cf comm?wad is the purpose of all that im doing..and the root purpose should be:to honour God in all that i life to the fullest for Him..

was very inspired by the movie reminds me that NOTHING is impossible for God..He can open doors that no one can shut and shut doors no one can open..He can do the impossible..really..there is nothing that is impossible for God..

then i went to my grandpa's house on sat too..after watching the movie..its been a long while since i have been to my grandpa's house..he cant even rmb me..oh wells..he is suffering senile..sigh..i hope that he will really get to know christ before he dies..cuz he is like 80 plus now..was speaking broken hokkien to him funny.haha.then i talked to 2 of my uncles and aunts..learnt alot from them :)

today went for service with joel..the last sermon of the series of sermon on the was good la.taught and reminded me alot of things..:)then went coffee bean to study with joel.wasnt very productive though cuz was wuite tired.haha.then went GP tuition..really learnt alot abt our Singapore society and the world la..super good:) then went yuhan's house for was fun!:) tmr gg joel's house play and study...gtg sleep now..goodnite:)