Sunday, January 14, 2007


haha..this past week have been busy like crazy..haha.i haven even update on summarise it all..AC orientation 2007 rocks!!!haha...saralonde rocks and triton u guys man..we are indeed many hearts one spirit..haha..sch is really crazy..and i see ogls everywhere i its like mini orientation welcome tea was great and beyond..really excited of wad God has in store for us this year..cant wait for passion man.haha.then fusion was great too..saw many ac ppl i say eveywhere i go i see ogls!i saw colleen..tessa..timothy..cassandra..mingxiu..and many more la..super cool..i really hope each of us will bring the passion back into our sch..and im sure there will be a revival if we do so..really excited..haha..anyway i gtg do my work now..bye!