Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the BEST birthday i ever had!hhaha

oh was..crazy.hahaa
i started my birthday by leading morn worship as i wanted.i wanted to offer and commit back my 18 years of life back to God and just to thank Him for what He has done for me.His love is indeed amazing!haha
then after that..many ppl smsed me wishes of Happy Birthday..i was rather happy.but it didnt feel like my birthday..i duno why..maybe im getting the excitement of birthday ain there anymore.haha

so nth much..but it was rather strange..cuz too many ppl know that its my birthday i was suspecting my comm planning sth.but then till like the last period of one from my comm msg me anything! so i decided to test them by msging them.haha.but hardly anyone reply.ahha.then i asked lydia if she's free to go out with me.ahha.cuz if the comm plan sth.she wun be i was expecting her to say not free..need to do homework or sth..but in the end she said she's i was very puzzled.hahah

then my classmates were so nice.they celebrated with me at oldam wing.kinda gave me a surprise=) love u guys.haha.and bought me this OP notebook and a pencil case.haha.they are nice.but i duno why both are in brown.haha.then i duno wad happen..someone blindfolded me AGAIN!! i was led or rather pushed to the void deck.and i was really surprise by the balloons and all.ahha.really sweet of my comm members to do a surprise party for me.=) so they sang happy birthday song and i made a wish.haha.and then they asked me to get sth out of the ice cream with my mouth.ahah.i knew if i did..they are gg to smash the ice cream into my i stood at an angle that it was hard for them to push my face downwards.but i never expect allen to climb on the table and push my head i got smashed into the ICE CREAM!
so nvm.i went to wash up.haha.when i came back.i saw david holding sth behind his back.i tot he was gg to smash me la.cuz he was looking so suspiscious and was like chasing after i looked intensely on him.and guess wad..allen took the WHOLE tub of ice cream and smashed it into my face from behind.RAWR! and that was really messy whole face plus uniform was dirtied with ice cream la.i could hardly see or was crazy la.
this is when i got smashed the first time:
this is when i got smashed the 2nd time!:
thanks to those who were there!!but i really want to thank my comm(david,janene.allen.carol.sonia.florence.gareth.christina) for planning this.i am really touched by your efforts..i didnt expect u guys to go ard telling everyone my birthday la.haha.thanks alot!! i love u guys alot.and i will always treasure being in comm with u all!=) u guys made my day la.haha

at night i met dhanuj they all at clarke quay..haha.we were suppose to celebrate diane's birthday.and i really believed it u noe.cuz they blindfolded her and all.and i even made the "birthday cake" for her..and u noe wad happen.they bluffed me!!before that they all acted like as though they didnt know it was my birthday.haha.and then i was quite sad la.but i was like nvm..cuz i was given enough attention in school now my turn to give attention to the diane even though i didnt know who she was.hahah.i was so enthu when i made her "birthday cake" la!then i held it for her as she took off her blindfold.and then IN THE END U NOE WAD HAPPEN?! they started singing happy birthday song to me.i was like nice of them to sing me first before diane.and then they told me that diane's birthday not today!!!i was shocked!! i was really surprised and shock..and stunned!haha.i really really really believed that it was her bday la!ahaha.they cheated my feelings!haha.but they were so sweet!! we ate at pepper then they gave me a rose.which smells SUPER sweet!and then there are like some random ppl working there giving me strawberries and wishing me happy was so funny.hahaha.
us at riverwalk
so after that we walked ard..and then in the shopping mall..there were random ppl again giving me strawberries and ssying some lines to was so funny.i know its they plan one sweet.they gave me 18 strawberries altogether! by 18 different ppl!ahah.i was really touched by their efforts!!then in the end they sang happy birthday song to me again by the was so nice.ahha.thank u guys so mucchhhhhhhh!!!thanks dhanuj.thanks bronson.thanks joel.thanks yuhan.thanks shirleen.thanks joanna.thanks eva.thanks jessica.thanks jean.thanks alex.thanks diane.thanks katriel.yupyup.haha
haha.the AC ppl!with half of katriel's face in it.haha.joel looks retarded.ahha

the 3D birthday card they got me.made by eva!so sweet.
the birthday wishes are all inside the flowers!

whee! here are all my presents my friends have given me.thanks guys=)
today is really the BEST bday i ever had..thanks to all my really touched to know that there are so many ppl who love me and are concerned abt me.and most imptly, i want to thank God for them=) i wanna thank God for bringing me so far and for showering His love in my life.i love u Daddy God!=)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

surprised was pretty a normal day..
till after school...
i was practising with rachel at the bleaches for tmr's morn worship..then after that..i went out with lydia..everything seems pretty normal..till while i was walking out of the gate..lydia asked if i could let her see my specs..then i took it off for her and then sudd from behind someone covered my eyes with a piece of cloth and then i turned ard and caught a glipse of janene.haha.and they press the cloth even harder against my face and i screamed and someone even cover my mouth.haha.i almost choke! haha.but after awhile i stopped struggling la..haha.and they got me into a cab.ahaha.and i was singing stupid songs the whole way..and then they brought me to ang mo kio la! haha.i walked ard in the shopping center blindfolded! i must have look like a retarded person.ahaha.
then lydia led me to newyork newyork.and they took off my blindfold and sang happy birthday song to sweet! i was indeed very front of me were sarah and david.haha.i felt so touched.haha.
then we ate this gigantic burger and felt so full la.haha
thanks lydia, sarah and david for planning this pre birthday surprise for me.really appreciate it.i really want to thank God to have friends like you guys.=) i will always rmb the retarded and crazy moments we had u guys lots

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

josh bday

today studied the whole day in school man.ok.maybe not whole day..but i got study a bit here and there.oh wells.haha.
then we celebrated joshua's birthday..haha.the cell was so sweet=) we ate dinner at clarke quay then we surprise him at the river side with many deco.hahah.was very sweet la.haha.wah..i was thinking if any guy wld do this kind of thing for my bday..i will immediately be his girlfrend kidding...its just the kind of "cinderalla" thought.hahah.i will upload photos soon..once i get them from joshua.haha.

met someone today in school..and sighh..the person nv changed...still the same as before far..he is the only guy who hurts my pride and mis-inteprete wad i say sometimes.and worse..he thinks that im not meaning wad i say and tells the whole world that i actually mean the other way..which is sooooo wrong..this is not the first time alr...sighhh...when will he ever change...haiz.but i will learn how to love him as a brother.i will! im trying to be nice la.haha.and people think i like him just becuz im nicer to him cuz i want him to just treat me a little better..

ANYWAY i dun care anymore..haha.i have to let go of all these i guess.haha.let go the fact that we cant be close(in terms of friends ONLY ok)..let got the fact that there are many things in life that i cant control and things will nv always turn out the way i want them to be la.hahah

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


oh!oh! i forgot to post pictures! haha.let me post some of the pictures i took during the hols..starting from camp i guess.ahaha

me,sarah and lydia trying to be graceful.ahah

me and lydia! i was supposedly to be the wiseman!haha
the juniors and some of us at laser quest.haha.i had the highest score among the girls ok.ahah
this is my first time bowling! my score was not bad ok.i got 67 i think.ahaha.

Monday, June 18, 2007

june hols

haha.this is the last week of my hols man.piaing my hw like crazy.haha.realised i have been revising only..thats badddd..have been shopping alot too.aaha..let me form my shopping list!!
1. *A pair of casual slippers! (must get soon cuz my current one gg to spoil alr!ahhh)
2. *A pair of heels or going out shoes.haha.
3. A casual dress =)
4. Hillsong United All of the above album!
5. those kind of long necklace
6. pencil case?
7. clothes and many clothes!haha.i am trying out the retro style now.haha.realise all my clothes at home are all beach wear type(beach wear dun = to bikinis.haha)..
8. Hillsong My Saviour lives album

hahah.oh man.i really have lots to buy.haha.btw which makes it easier for u guys to buy my birthday
anyway just wanna share sth meaningful i watched this past week.its called "facing the Giants"
its abt how we shld never give up even though the task seems impossible to accomplish..and how with God..there is really nth that is impossible..and really taught me to persevere on and to continue to praise HIm in ALL circumstances..=)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


its like the middle of hols alr and i have only covered econs..not even fully..sighh
i want more time!! i still have so much to catch up and revise..
time really flies very fasttttt....wayyyyy too fast i cant believe it..haha
thinking abt all the happy+stressed moments during my serving in comm..
wahh..we have really come a longggg way..
i really love my comm alot.haha.even though there are many a times i cry over comm matters but there were many many happy and crazy moments together too.haha.
now that we are abt to step down officially, i cant bear to let go of all of these.but i know i have to.ahah.its time to pass the baton to the juniors to continue our legancy=) quite a sentimental person la.i still kinda miss my seniors when i enter into the hub la.i think i will miss comm meetings.haha.=D
anyway i shall go back studying..haha
btw not advertising my birthday here so im not saying the date.but many ppl ask me wad i want for my birthday..haha.
the greatest present or perhaps wish is that every single friend i know can celebrate my birthday with me.ahhaa.i know that is impossible.hha.but oh wells.