Tuesday, July 25, 2006


haha..i finally came online to blog!haha
ok..i m still busy..so this is gonna be a short one..=)
haha.firstly i am gonna write about my handover..i always wanted to write on it..but found no time.haha..
okay..so i did cried during the handover while watching the video..i really really will miss them man..i mean..after the camp and also after my terms..God have really brought me closer to them.somehow.haha.while we study together..we know each other better.=)
they are all so so dear to me..and i still cant forget how on my birthday each and everyone of them came to accompanied me..pratically the whole day i was seeing them..and they really taught me quite some stuff..even though they might not know it..haha.oh well.i guess they werent be there early in the morning on mon to be there to set up all the stuff..so its just me and allen(pls dun get the wrong idea)..we have to be there yar..worship ic and logistic.haha.during the handover i somewhat felt weird..i mean it's our turn to step up and organise stuff???it's our turn to plan??it's our turn to run CF completely? honestly i m not prepared..anyway..the main point of this entry is that time really flies!! as i was looking at the video..so fast passion AC is over..followed by camp..followed by all the events that the J2 comm has planned...
anyway after that we were fellowshiping as usual..haha.then the guys decided to take some random shots..or shall i say MANY shots.oh man.i din noe CF guys are so obsessive with cameras!haha but oh well now i know..then they were taopok-ing boss n daddy..so hilarious..haha.and were making fun of me AS USUAL..haha.we had fun lar..=D
oh man..why do i feel closer to the J2 comm than the J1 comm.. =/ ok.nvm.change feeling.now must really bond with the rest of the J1 comm and J1s and we shall be sticky as honey and nuts bar for hamsters..ahha..

Sunday, July 09, 2006


haha..nowadays all my dreams are so weird lar..they all involve the cf ppl..

oh my..can u believe it..haha..i had dreams of me..jasmine..and janene i think..and also caleb =/ and also joel..=/ wad are these two guys in my dream..we were shopping at a mall and then buying groceries at ntuc =/ ok..then i rmb doing sth..
haha.then i rmb i think i dreamt j1 comm too..haha.david me flor n gar..haha..i forgot where we were gg..haha..and then i also dreamt of me pao n kwek..we went shopping i think.haha..ok lar..weird dreams..haha..

sigh..cant help but feeling tired..u noe juz the emotion..haha..cant control it.haha.so lizhen will be quiet for a few days i guess..haha..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

with the Lord behind me,whom shall i fear not even the devil!

alright..i m back again.haha..
wasnt feeling well todae..but beta than yesterday though.haha.
had spiritual attacks..shall not descibe further..but yar..i was rather tired..or can say very tired todae..honestly..i kept tearing..im sorry..
when i went home from Trinity Christian Center..on the bus..tears juz started flowing..i duno why..so when i got down at my hse bus stop..i din went home immediately..i went to the multi-storey carpark next to my hse..went up the highest level which is 8th..hah..dun intepret wrongly..i din want to commit suicide.=/.haha.bcuz the highest level was open air..so i cld see the sky..and i cld juz feel the wind..and there was noone..so i was juz listening to my music on my iPod..at first i started crying as i toke to God..then slowly..as i dwelt myself in worship..somehow i felt this peace in me..and i found myself listening to "Unfailing Love" by Chris Tomlin.then after that was "Look to You"..by then i was jumping..haha..as i sing this song..haha..i think the neighbouring blocks whu are higher than 8th floor..if they noticed me for the whole time..they muz have thot i was crazy.haha.a girl whu was crying and looking as though she want to commit suicide cuz she is all alone on the multistorey carpark at such a weird timing..one moment later..she is "dancing"..ahah.lol.oh well..i use to go to the multi storey carparks when i m down.cuz firstly..i can see the sky and the clouds..and secondly..there is no one there..

aniwae indeed if God is behind me..whom shall i fear? even the devils are afraid of God..amen?!

Friday, July 07, 2006


yesterday had CF..haha.first time leading worship for CF..and my first time leading..i had sorethroat..fever..blocknose..haha.i was like oh no..then i was really rather nervous when there were technical difficulties..and plus we din really practise enough..ahha..
but it was a rather funny experience..ahah.first song.."The time has come"..was suppose to be led by david.but then only got 1 mike..so i had to lead..and that song..girls are suppose to go high or super low..i m so glad andre n joel sang super loud!thank guys!haha..oh well..the rest din really go very well..haha..the last song..i noe i simply went off key..haha.lol.but oh well..i learn from my experience..haha.next time will be better!=)
haha..aniwae sudd after leading worship..i sudd felt my fever coming back again..and then i went home with the J2s..and somehow in sch andre found a piece of paper on the floor.and it was kinda a "last will" letter..oh man..i hope the girl will be alright..aniwae had fun toking to the J2s on the way to the MRT..haha.gonna miss them man when they graduate..ever since terms..i have been closer to them..nvm.we can still keep in contact yar..haha.i still wanna suan boss one.haha.and also hear jasmine laugh at my not so funny jokes.haha.she always laugh at my action n speech even though it is not really funny.haha.aiyah.they are very nice ppl lar.haha.oh! i will miss michelle LOUD voice too.ahah.and joel blur-ness and smile.and not to forget the scandal between him n amaria.i will also miss my direct senior..andre..haha..his spiky hair..and the times he always ruffle my hair(even though i find it troublesome to retie my hair).haha.and also caleb's interesting stories.and cheryl's super lame jokes.haha.ok.to sum things up.i will miss u guys yar.jiayou for ur As!! ahha..will be praying for u all alot!! prelims are coming!! work hard yar.ok lar.i noe u all work very hard already.God knows too.and a sentence that Mrs Tan Yiwen said and that it had encouraged me was God honours our effort!=)

in the meantime..i cant wait to serve the Lord together with my comm!ahha.
David..being my daddy.haha.i tell u he is like so scandalous lar.and always create scandals for others lar.haha.he is a funny guy though.haha.use to his "relax"..haha.ok lar.overall he is a nice daddy..
Janene..haha.my good prayer partner.love her to bits n pieces man.haha.dun get bullied by daddy ok.she is very very nice..whu dares to bully her..i will smack the person man.haha.she bake nice brownies!she was the one whu taught me.thank u so much!=)
Florence..haha.the bubbly fellowship IC.hah.i m gg to her hse more often man.so nice lar.haha.she is a very frendly and funny girl.thats why fellowship IC rite.duh.haha.and she is like 24 hrs available.hah.that silly girl.always sleep at weird timing one.haha
Christina..haha.cant tell she is 2 years older than me rite.haha.she is such a nice and caring big sister.haha.me n janene call her "da jie".oh well.which is true cuz she is older than us.haha.
Sonia..ahha.she also always laugh at ym actions or speech even though it is not funny.haha.she has the passion for singing.so continue to serve in that area man.and she simple loves to dedicated her time with us.and working with us.which is real cool.
Allen..haha.the logistic guy.haha.ok la.he is a nice guy.willing to help at all times.haha.gonna work close with him for the first few mths.cuz that's wad andre told me.haha.he beta give me the equipments i want.haha.lol.
Gareth..hah.that ACSI guy.always go back ACSI duno for wad.haha.but have been toking to him.cuz he is the evangelistic IC.haha.he is a funny guy..though he is rather insensitive..he is willing to listen most of the time.haha.

whee!i juz introduced the whole comm..did i miss out anyone..nope.i din..i double checked it.hah.lol

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

whoa! i m back!

haha..very long time never write in here already..due to a few reasons..term exams..christian conferences..and too lazy to write..haha..
terms is finaly over!! Praise God man..but then i think even though during terms have to study alot..but then can like have free time..and most imptly..no hw!! haha..and no need to care abt PW..i think my PW project die liow lar..unde me this kind of lazy grp leader..haha..
ok..anywae..i m firstly gonna toke abt my birthday..on the actual day..haha
thank you guys so much!haha..pearleen.kwek.woon.samuel.michael.allen.janene.florence..aiyah..those who wished me at 12am on the dot.haha.and also those whu wished me happy birthday that day..got huimin.huiting.desiree.christina.shuwen.melissa.melodie.christine.paula.jasmine.joel.michelle.clement.gareth.sonia.eric.xiao mei.shadrach.andre.caleb.cheryl.abigail.amaria.jonathan n gordon!(sorry if i din include ur name.u see i got stm)haha.honestly i din expect my band leader to rmb my bday! i was so touched when they called me.haha.then i was in the library studying.so very blur.haha.din noe who were they.haha.

that day even though i spent the whole day studying..but it was great man! haha..i ahd the whole J2 comm accompanying me at diff times.haha.when i reached sch.i saw andre n joel replacing the guitar strings.then after when they leave.i had a wonderful time with jasmine studying.haha.then after she left i was left alone for a while..so i went to eat.after i ate..andre came and ask me if i wanna go library study.so i went.after a while.joel came.and then andre left.so when joel left.juz so happen boss came to the library to study.hah.then after he left.i left alone for awhile.haha.then gareth came.haha.then i went down with him to the void deck and saw cheryl,caleb,joel n boss.then after a while,joel n caleb left and michelle and andre came.haha.so we went to the library to study again.and waited till amaria's lesson was over cuz they gg her hse to celebrate mah..haha..even though no one really celebrated with me bcuz everyone have their terms.but then i was really very happy by the smses ppl sent and the accompanying of the J2 ppl! thanks alot ppl!!

then as i went home..i was studying and then sudd started reflecting on my past..and this song "Unfailing love" came into my mind..indeed..as i looked back..without God's love and protection..i wldnt be me todae..so happy and some ppl say funny.haha.yup.so i really wanna thank God for making me who i m.and i believe there are more to come.and He will mold me more and more into His image till the day of perfection!

next is fire conference! haha.it was quite cool..haha.attended a workshop by paul baloche.it was quite good..i learnt all the technical stuff..haha..and then after that was the night service..which i thot was not bad..hah..and then i went to my grandma hse to sleep.but then cldnt sleep.cuz not use to the bed.and i find myself very itchy.so i tossed n turned in the bed for like 2 hrs?haha..ohh..did i say i asked like ard 14 ppl..in the end no one wants to come..then i will be alone cuz pao they all got sth on in the morn.so i decided to ask joel if i can go with his churh frends.oh well.in the end i met up with him..haha.i m quite sure his cousin din have a good impression of me.lol.anywae whu cares..haha.its like i m ever gonna see him again.ahah.lol..oh.then in the end i realise paula decided to come..haha.so she accompanied me for the rest of the day..ahha.

next was Jael"revolution"..
haha..went EL on sun..haha..and then james singh came to preach.haha.he prayed for some ppl.haha.he asked me if i wanted to be prayed for..i was like shaking my head..nodding my head..then inthe end i said no.haha.
sudd i juz felt very scared..afraid that i cant do wad God wants me to do..like there is this sudd fear in me that i m not gg do well as a worship IC..i juz felt that maybe is my own acts and rather not God's will..cuz i really duno how to lead worship!i mean i dare to lead if u juz give me some songs..but then if u ask me to choose the songs..cuz firstly i m indecisive.and even after i prayed abt it.one whole list of songs juz came into my mind..and is like i really hate to choose..so when i choose a set of songs..i think duno how long then decide wad songs to sing..then is like..duno how to say lar.yar..

then toke abt today!!
the last day of term exam! math was easy..haha. then after that the J1 comm celebrated my bday!! how sweet of them.haha.they bought a cake..and yar..sang bday songs..haha.and then that stupid gareth n david smashed a piece of cake on my face!! i wanna kill them lar..haha..but then it was fun lar.haha.then some of us went subway to eat.and then came back to school with jasmine..had a wonderful time chatting with her on the way back..ahah.yar..then after that went to report to police with janene n christina abt janene lost wallet..she lost her wallet again!haiyo..that sister of mine ah..hah..always lose her wallet one..haha..

then after that they came my hse to bake brownie..haha..as my mini treat to the CF ppl..sorry this year no money..and then CF got so many ppl..=/ so yar..haha..they after CF on thurs can eat..i bought drinks too..haha.then we had fun baking at my hse..haha..then i sent them home..oh no..i think i m getting a sorethroat..pls pray for me!!haha
cuz i m leading on thursday worship..haha..thanks!=)