Wednesday, December 28, 2005


haha..juz came back frm ewen hse..ok maybe not juz but a few hrs ago..haha...

at first i got lost okay!!!then i walked down this creepy place which i thot may lead to ewen hse..but it was lyk so dark and can hear the cricket noise larh..then i saw a black at..i was soo scare..but aniwae being so smart i safely got there to his hse!! ewen lead me one..ahah...

haha..muz say this is the best BBQ food i have ever eaten!!!the chicken is not too bland like those usual bbq chicken..haha..but everything is salty!!haha..i like salty food!!but then eat too much will get quick sick bcuz it's too salty...but still its nice!!haha

aniwae had a LOT of fun at ewen hse!!haha...everybody was lyk going crazy..haha...oh btw dun sit next to jon when he eats!!haha..he was going crazy when he was eating all the prawns..haha...cant believe my cell leader is like that..wad happen to his high C ????!!!HAHA..LOLX..haha...then charis lum was so bored that she peeled prawns for ppl esp jonathan!!(bcuz he is SO greedy!!haha) nice! haha..

then i rmb that i was going crazy too..haha...ate a lot..haha...they are soo nice!!esp the stingray without chilli of course!haha...

then we watch fear was lyk SOOOO GROSS LAR!!I NEARLY vomitted..haha...yuckkks..this ppl are crazy..eating spiders and worms for money!!ahha

ohh..then we played whu can last longer in ice water..haha..abel is so funny larhh..haha...we keep asking him to take his hand out cuz his hand is numb..but he refuses to..haha.lolx..sooo funny...

then we ate BEN AND JERRY ice cream!!haha...yumyum..haha..i cant believe chara is on a diet!!she is lyk so skinny larh..ahha...but she cant resist the tempt so she ate too..hahaa..

ohh..then i went to play mahjong!! funny..pearl n amanda are sinamese twins!!lolx..then when playing mahjong halfway ewen and chra came to ask if anybody wants to play the pocky challenge..haha..those whu lost have to eat up the others sticks which they licked like so disgustingly..haha..okay..i lost!!ARGHH!!!then ewen licked until so he was using the stick to brush his teeth like that!!haha..but is was quite fun!!haha..lolx...ahha

then after a while i got to go home..sigh..but i had LOTS of fun!!haha...

gonna miss them(jael peepx) matter wad happened in the past..i still feel so connected with them..haha..going crazy together and having lots of fun.haha...i mean whu can stand my craziness mans..haha..aniwae me going to sleep tired..haha...nitez

Sunday, December 25, 2005


haha..okay..i noe i very long time nv update time larh...all the christmas shopping..and all the church campS..haha...

but aniwae juz wanna wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

children camp!

haha...todae mark the end of children church camp..this camp was rather fun and the children are very cute! even though sum are naughty,sum are very sticky(as in stick to u like sticker!)..haha..but they are all very cute!haha esp when they dance and pray! but handling so many children is not an easy job!especially have to watch over them n c that they will not get hurt..and also muz give them the attention they want...haha...i really am amaze that how God took care of us! all his children!haha..

for the past three days i have really enjoyed myself! the kids going up on stage todae and sing those songs with actions..really let me have an indescriptable sense of achievement and joy!
haha..and they rmb u...though they didnt say thank you or wadeva..but they remembered us as gege n jiejie..which i think is enough..haha..i have learnt sum stuff thu the songs and which is good lar..haha

hmm..but nowadays i have also been spiritually dry.. i m so tired after the children camp that i didnt even do my daily devotion! haiz..and i juz feel different lar..i think i no longer have the first love for sort of fade passion has sort of disappear into thin air..i seems that lizhen has gone i was singing during band pract seems that the passion of serving in the music ministry has fade away...i kept reminding myself of the past when i was sooooooo in love with Jesus and juz wanted to do anything He calls me to do and that time after i had a calling from God,i really cant wait to serve Him!but now...all these seems to fade away..and i hate it..last time i use to want to do ALOT of things..but juz had no time..cuz of O levels..but time..but dun feel like doing them liao..arghh...i hate it man....i hate myself for pretending everything is alright when they are not...arghh..where is the first love i had for God..i cant seem to get it back..the feeling of being so in love with God..haiz...