Monday, May 26, 2008

movie movie

whee!its summer time!haha.alot of ppl tell me singapore got summer meh?haha.NVM la.but cant u feel its hotter now!and the fashion is so nice now!!cuz its so COLOURFUL!whee.hahaa.
went to watch movie with chang today..watched what happened in Las Vegas..super funny.Aston Kutcher is SO cute.haha.then when i see sales EVERYWHERE..i got excited!hahaa.i want to buy so many many many many things.hhaa.
my top shopping list is:
1. SHADES for my eyes!cuz its so bright nowadays
2. SLEEVELESS top cuz its so HOT nowadays
3. bikini! haha.cuz i find it hot looking.but i wun wear it.HAHA
4. contact lens (FINALLY.) haha
thats a simple girl.hahaa.
gosh.i want my voice voice is so hoarse now...i shall go sleep..tmr still need to watch indiana jones with shuwennn..haha.nites!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Si Chuan disaster

gosh.i was watching some channel 8 tv show just now..some charity show for the Si chuan was so sad.i watched until i cry...recently have been watching the news..reading the newspaper..they have been reporting abt the situation in China really makes my heart cry out for many ppl died.and so many ppl are not yet to be i was watching the show..i realise that these are real people whose homes are gone..whose families are destroyed..whose loved ones have died..the pain they are feeling right this moment..when im typing comfortably in my study room..gosh.i really feel the pain for them.though i know the pain i feel cannot be compared to the pain they are feeling..i felt so so sad..esp when SO MANY children died.these are innocent children who are in the midst of studying when the disaster struck.
oh man.i really want to fly over to China now to help them u know..those who are still trapped..i believe that they are still holding onto this glimpse of hope..and i want to be their hope..but i guess the only thing i can do to help them is to donate money and pray for them..i think for the past few days..God has been speaking to me abt compassion...
Throughout the book of proverbs..the theme of compassion is being repeated:
'A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor'(22:9)
'He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them recieves many curses'(14:21)
A dozen of simiar passages make the same point: the God of the universe is so concerned abt the plight of the poor that he promises his blessing to any of us who will respond to their needs and act on their behalf. Matthew 25:40 also says "I tell you the truth,whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me"
The point is not to say,'Do you want to be deluged with good gifts from God?Then give to poor.' This is not about giving so we can get. This is not abt discovering a lucky charm that will assure us health and wealth. This IS about realising how closely God identifies with the poor and how deeply he feels their pain. It is abt realising that if we truly want to follow God we need to care abt what he cares abt, let our hearts be broken by what breaks his heart and become advocates for what he advocates.
So let us meet a need today..not necessarily to those ppl in China..but let us meet a need when we see it.think abt it.the world wld be such a nicer place with more and more compassionate ppl..
ANYWAY..the hotline is still on for donations to the SiChuan ppl..1900-112-5121 for $6..they will close the hotline by 1 June i think.yeah.$6 to u may not be alot..but to them is alot...
BY THE WAY..i want to go on mission trips!so whoever church is gg..pls jio me!cuz my church dun ahve mission trips during this period of time.hahaa.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sec 2 bedok view camp

GOSH.just came back from a sec 2 Bedok View camp..slept for like 18 hours! record breaking man.oh wells.i had only 3 hours of sleep everyday during the camp.but i thot it was normal.hahaa.when i woke up..i feel like i just came from a foreign world man.ahaha
being a camp facilitator is an interesting experience man.its nth compared to being an OGL or a group leader taking care of is so so tiring..i guess esp when its super hot really hot.i was soaked in sweat la.and was so dirty that i dun even care anymore.haha.i was quite relief when i was taking the express best class..they are more obedient than i thought.ahhaa.kinda bonded with them after the 3 days..but there are some guys in the class that i really feel like strangling..haha.
oh wells.i hope they rmb what i told them..and the values they learnt from this camp.hahaa.wish i could do the high elements.gosh.ahhaa.belaying was so hot..esp when my face is like towards the sun.gosh..
but it feels satisfying at the end..really.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

work is boring..

whee.haven update my blog for quite some time alr..
let me talk abt friday! had cell! met carol first.then went back to school for CF.feels different.gosh.i miss being a J2 =( then i went for cell..cell was good=) after cell...went supper with Eva,Joanna,Andy and Shaun!haha.had a great time.talked alot!haha.quite funny.but i drank too much the end couldnt sleep at all..
then sat morn..i almost died.cuz lack of sleep and plus indigestion.rawr.then had to go for the SMU tea thing.then go for service.was still feeling unwell.keep wanting to vomit.bleh.but after worshipping the Lord..i got better!yay!then we went to to know jasmon better..saw joel again!!ahaha.took alot of photos.will upload next time.then went home with yuxin!!=)
today i went to work at expo..i wanted to die of boredom..seriously..nth to do one..sighhh

Thursday, May 08, 2008


oh my gosh.i woke up at like 3pm today?hahaa.wasted half my day away.
then i did quiet time..was reading abt discipline.haha.realised how important discipline really is.It talks about advance decision making.i like this paragraph the most.

Very few people are strong enough to make morally heroic choices in the midst of powerful temptations.Most of us discover that our good judgement wavers when the pressure is on.We would all like to consider ourselves invulnerable to temptation and sin.But part of maturing is understanding and acknowledging our vulnerabilities.When we do that, we realise how important it is to make the critical decisions of our lives well in advance of the situations or circumstances that tend to play on our fears, weaknesses or impure desires.We will each struggle with our set unique of vulnerabilities.But that does not mean we cannot live with integrity,as long as we are disciplined enough to make important decisions in the light of day when our thinking is clear.

oh.i was looking through my photos today..and came across this photo which i really like.cuz its really colourful.and it speaks of the times we had together

i miss those AC times =(

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

catching up..

today went vivo again.haha.didnt see zhang dong liang la.i went to meet paula.its been such a longgg time since we have seen each other..really glad to see her man..yeah.she was one of my sec sch best friends..and she is going new zealand to study soon=( i will miss u paula!here are some photos we took=)
 whoring at an accessories shop.haha

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

shop shop!

went for some written test thing at NTU today.quite sian.just wrote alot of rubbish i feel.ahhaa
then met kailing's coincidental!haha.
after went of with shuwen!!! we went bugis first to eat sakae sushi.ahaha.ate buffet..super funny.shuwen couldnt finish..then she stuffed 2 sushi into a tissue plastic bag.i laugh until i want to cry la.hahaa.but not bad la.we ate like quite alot of plates.hahaa
then we decided to go vivo to look for we went around the retail clothes shops to ask if they are hiring any part embarrassing first time doing that u know.haha.but we had so much fun.cuz we ended up shopping.ahhaa.we went like mango,zara,topshop,GAP,pull and bear,river island,FOX and Esprit.The clothes are so nice!!the season of clothes now is very bright and very spring like.hahaa.we really felt like buying every top we saw.oh the end i bought a very nice tube top and shuwen also bought a nice tube top =) hahaa.walked so much la.hahaa.oh oh.we had fun trying out sunglasses too..ahhaa.i dun understand why all my friends are so bimbotic.ahaha.she is a true blue bimbo i must say.LOL.
must say im happier nowadays=) got over certain things=) i guess cuz i spent more time with other friends..then i wun feel the lack of sth..and it really decrease my dependence on so so glad=) i really dun care whose best friend is he and who is he close to now.haha.cuz yeah.since he has moved on.why shld i stay =) time to move on and spend more time with other friends!=)
anyway i shall go sleep now..oh oh! i got accepted into SMU social for their tea party thing this sat.but still considering whether i shld go in there.still waiting for NUS reply.sighh.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

slacking at home so bored at home..
so bored that im thinking of starting a fan club.haha.God's fan club!ahha.the catch line is "you will get His autograph through eternity!" and u dun have to wish to talk to Him..u can just talk to Him like that and He will be there listening.haha.
have been watching youtube..realise that luo zi xiang is damn funny.ahhaa.all his shows are super funny.but sometimes he abit over.hahaa.but im not his fan.ahhaa.i got so many friends who like him la.haha.i prefer zhang dong liang!!!haha.oh man.actually i realise its so fun to host shows.hahaa.i wish i could do that..hahaa.then can talk to so many ppl!haha.i really like talking and interacting with ppl man.hope my job in future will also be like that.ahhaa