Sunday, October 29, 2006

so happening..haha

this week is super cool man..i did alot of crazy stuff..haha..started from mon..hhaa..celebrated David's bday..haha..surprised him with one small cake in the morn by luring him down to the canteen saying that its charmaine's smashed the cake in his face in front of Mrs Chan..haha..then in the afternoon surprised him with the real big cake and we had pizza too! yum!!haha..then at night did sth happening with Carol..sth that no one wld ever do in AC..haha..but i shall not reveal wad is it.haha..

then on tues..went out with paula..we were bored and din noe where to go so we were looking at the MRT map..and i just anyhow chose marina bay cuz i nv been there after we went there we just anyhow took a bus..haha..and i saw marina we dropped at this random bus stop..and we explored marina park..super nice..haha..cuz its quiet and the scenary is nice!haha..then we sat at this rocky shore where ppl fish..and we made 10 wishes as we threw 10 mini pinecones into the river..haha..after that we saw this staircase that leads to the pathment alongside a we followed it..not knowing where we will be going..but we just walked till the end..haha..had fun toking and enjoying the breeze..haha..we badly wanted to go back to civilisation..ahah..but the road never ends..after exiting the expressway we came to another expressway..=/ and we could only see trees and shopping centers..but because i had such fantastic sense of direction..we ended up at marina huh..haha..wad an adventurous day!

on wed..i went to swim with Melodie..XinYing n swimming improved!at least i m no longer scared of water.hhaa..then at night played with water with Carol..haha..super fun..haha

on thurs played basketball with Clement, Myron and their New Creation Church frends in sch..after playing we ran around the track..until my legs were aching..and i sprained my left ankle..=/ haha..

yest..went to eat breakfast with janene, carol n sonia..hahaha..then after that we went vivo city! super big! ahah..the top floor is super nice..we were so amazed and wowed by the design..ahah..i was like in love with the shiny white floor of vivo city..haha..and four of us when we explored the top floor..we were like little kids!ahha...played with water..played in the playground and screamed we went to eat at Ben and Jerry! super nice..ahaha..shared 7 scoops of ice cream..haha..are u jealous??!!ahahaha.. we tried on some clothings..which is super cool..and soon Carol had to me sonia n janene continue to explore the place and we watched Dead Or Alive..haha..super alot of hot babes can..haha..and they damn pro at fighting..aha..quite a good movie..but i wanted to watch death note..ahaha..but it was a fun and tiring day man..haha..i m so glad Vivo is near my hse..haha..

then today had camp meeting..ahah.. wad an eventful week..and i realise i eat alot of unhealthy stuff(pizza,cake,venezia ice cream,ben and jerry's icecream and still got other stuff)! i m gg to grow fat!!but i did alot of exercise(bball,swimming,running) too! i guess it balance..haha..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

cheers to the class of 2006

today mark the end of a 2 year life for the J2s..the baccalerrate service was great and rather touching..i dun think any other sch can beat the AC spirit man..i truly saw the spirit and the passion in each of the seniors..i m so glad i came AC after all..i was thinking how fast time year is gone in a blink of eye..i still rmb the first time i step into the school..i rmb how i look up to the seniors..then there was comm interview..and very soon the J1 comm was chosen and there was june camp..and how the seniors org everything..and right after was student council investiture.followed by our own handover..and how everybody cried and stuff.but the seniors continued to stay behind the scene..always ready to help us if anything goes wrong..then i rmb them crowding the hub studying for their prelims and later on ultimately their As..and our promos soon came..and they took over for that 2 weeks so that we could conc on our studies..

and i saw the seniors graduating..time really flies very fast..surprisingly i din cry..haha..cuz that time i told michelle that i will cry but i din..aha..i guess reality din sink in then..but now come to think of it..i really feel very very sad..cuz i wun be seeing them during break times..and u noe how many breaks i more catching up with them in the more seeing them ard in sch..haha..u may find it weird for a J1 to actually feel that sad..but i really miss them lar..cuz they are really close and dear to me..i really love them alot..
i guess i will miss jasmine the most..cuz i hung out with her the most..esp during free breaks..

and i wanna say thanks to the following seniors(those that i am close to) for being so wonderful and nice..for being there to help me academically..brightening up my day and also being someone that i can look up to..=)

jasmine.shadrach(no more suaning).andre.michelle(no more high frequency).amaria. joel.caleb.cheryl. yiling.sarah.abigail.sheryl.clement oh.jaclyn
krissandi(no more jackings=D).eugene guo (no more hearing of 'im handsome'.good for my ears.haha).joan.myron

jonathan tang aka jaytee.changjie.ian.ephraim
mark.stephen.clement( more attempts to scare

ACJC will never be the same again without you guys! =)
pls do come back and visit yar..=))

Sunday, October 08, 2006

bored.. is the most boring weekend i ever had..excluding yest..but yest i was terribly terribly yeah..but we had cf comm outing..was fn..we ate dim sum..haha..

then today i basically watched tv the whole day..n was bored till went out to buy vcds..haha..bought In Her Shoes ..quite nice..hah..i like the last line..i carry your heart..i carry it in my sweet..haha..

oh well.even though it is after promos..i dun feel lighten at all..not a single bit!!!! i duno why..must be becuz of PW..and stuff..sigh..i feel like breaking down sometimes..but i know it is not right for me to do..cuz i m suppose to feel light cuz God carries my burden..but maybe i din surrender them to Him..

i have come to a point whereby i dread going there..i duno why..i mean..i have been there for like ever since i was born..i hate this..

Friday, October 06, 2006

promos are finally over!

whoohoo! promos are finally over!!
after like 2 mths of sick n tired of being in the hub always man..haha.
but then...there is always PW..=/ sigh..oh well..i guess the only time whereby i will be free is after my As..sad huh..
but anyway..was very high today though i m terribly sick!i got sore throat,fever,headache n running nose...=/ was crapping on the way home with jasmine n david..super funny..never see my daddy so high before..
i hate hate hate the haze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid indonesia!all their fault!!!!
make me sick..

Sunday, October 01, 2006

next week is crazy man..

haha..let me type a quick entry..tmr i got math test..=/ week is crazy lar..everyday also got exam..=/

oh well..yest i was studying..haha..then after went Trinity Christian Center for their sat service..i was wearing shorts there lar!cuz i realise i look weird wearing bermudas n sch base i ask sonia to bring a skirt..haha..anyway yest during service..i was reminded of God's unfailing love for me..i was so touched by the video..when i saw the father running with the son..a picture came to my mind..when i was weak.when i was down..God carried me and ran my race with me..and i was just so touched that tears started rolling down..

then after that i went to join FUEL..or wadeva they call it..haha.first time joining FUEL..quite interesting..then sth that got me thinking was michelle's question..haha.i duno how we toke till we end up to her question..a question that i shoved it at the back of my head long ago..but is being re-surfaced again.ahah..those who know me shld know what is this question..cuz i have been struggling with this many the question of whether am i suited for my church..the passion is dying down..i m tired..i m tired of being alone there..the only person that kept me staying other than God is my youth pastor..though pastor Siow Hwee may not know it..but he has been encouraging me in a way..that kept me staying...i guess God is faithful..He at least provided cell..after years..we have drifted futher and further apart.the relationship is no longer as close as before.not to blame them cuz i rmbed what carol told we grow up..our social circle becomes wider..and everybody is so busy with their own lives that we only see each other once a week.we dun even know what is going on thru each other's life..we are not keeping each other in a planning comm..we are not walking in the same speed in the same direction..there is lack of support and upholding..we may know what is superficially going on thru each other lives..but what about spiritually?

just when i had these thots in my mind..just when i thot that my cell wants me only for the planning of the camp(that's what i felt last week when i went back.the way everyone toke to me.i was so disappointed)..huimin msged least someone realise i was missing from church..oh kinda encourage me quite a lot..i guess i gotta pray..ahha..anyway gtg study now..bye