Friday, February 22, 2008

ACS forever more..

just came back from AC orientation..oh my gosh..i feel so old can..seriously feels weird seeing the juniors taking charge..but at the same feels nice know that they have all grown up..seeing them groom the future generation and showing the AC spirit..and this whole passing on thing will last forever..the many generations to then i wld really feel weird coming to AC..haha.
the mass dance was quite fun..i danced 4 generations of dance..haha.the senior's year's junior's one and my junior's junior's one(which is this year's batch) haha.i realise that next year..they prob wun even dance my year's sad..awww..
i know its crazy to be so on abt AC..i mean im no longer there anymore..but as they say once an ACSian,forever an ACSian..hahaa.and i dun think AC is just a me..its really like my second home?though it has only been 2 years..but it has been a meaningful 2 years..i learnt ALOT..made alot of friends..and the journey in AC is irreplaceable really.i wld not give up the experience i had in AC for any other much for talking abt AC..i gtg sleep..ah wells.