Wednesday, April 30, 2008

here are the fishing photos!!haha

oh.these are the photos taken on the day of fishing with joel,nuj and ka hang!=)

i never knew fishing could be so fun.ahhaa

ben and jerry's free cone day!

yest was Ben and Jerry's free cone day! haha.ate 2 scoops.OOPS.haha.oh oh.i took picture with a cute cow..which i will upload next first carol,florence and sonia were suppose to join the end all pang seh me! rawr.but then clement came to accompany i guess its ok.and i did study!haha.then i shop for like 3 hours..for someone's present.oh man.i cant believe im so the time i head was so giddy..i think i use too much of my imagination trying to imagine the clothes on her..ahhaa.
ohh..i wrote this when i was at Pacific Cafe studying...
I think it is such a bliss to just sit down at a cafe and just study at my own pace..watching the world goes by. With relaxing music in the background, i think abt how wonderful God is. God made so many beauties in the world for us to enjoy yet so many are often caught up in hectic lifestyle.earning hard to pursue a materialistic life. When will be the next time i actually get to sit down here again and just enjoy life's simplest pleasures? We are often caught up in so many things.When will we slow down and listen to God's still voice and be amazed at his creation?
How soothing is the picture of the sea joined together with the sky.I think God is the GREATEST artist of all times.=)
so nice sitting down there and just looking at the sea.i wish i could do this more often.ahha

Sunday, April 27, 2008

back to the good old days..

sat went for prayer meeting and church service..haha..saw bronson!! i miss ur hair!!hahaa.he refuse to accept a hug from me.oh wells.too bad!haha

then i met sonia,florence and david at city hall for supper..and to catch up..ahaha.daivd looks quite different!and im quite surprise i missed him cuz i guess i have been seeing other comm members quite are the photos!

haha.david without hair!!i still look so fair!rawr.i thot i got tanner after fishing!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


oh man.i wanna change my blog skin!Can someone help me with it!hahaa
so glad that im drawn closer and closer to God each day..
Whenever i do my quiet time..He gives me this image of everyday constantly doing quiet time and praising God..and the result of it will be indescribable joy in my heart.i really want to work towards that.i use to have that feeling and its really everything else just doesnt matter..cuz ur heart is on God alone.and u only desire God.i think this verse is really very true..
Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you
- Matthew6:33

time to lift everything up into God's hands.

Friday, April 18, 2008


hahaa.have quit my job!finally!haha.such a boring job.assistant accountant.i will nv study accounts man.ahha.have been slacking at home..and also meeting up with is good man.ahaha.
got a new job as a camp facilitator..though the pay is not high at all and i still have to go for camps =( but i think its a very inspiring job..i like interacting with kids la.though its super tiring.but knowing that i can at least make an effort to impact their lives drive me on.haha.been for the training..made a number of new friends..quite cool..
on tues..went swimming with wanting..haha.feel fitter.ahaha.
on wed..met joel..he came back from australia..became skinner.haha.good for him.watched semipro..its so not plot though its funny..oh wells..then went his house..i finally learnt how to use a capo!!!yay! and then some songs..feels kinda like back to the good old days.oh oh.his eldest brother is not so dao after all!haha.
on thurs..went joel's house for cell..cell was good.bronson called...haha.surprisingly..haha.
today..went out with christina..met carol for lunch..then went to the condo behind ACJC for some REW BBQ thing.quite cool to know some of the juniors.haha..then went Cathay to watch Forbidden Kingdom with Wanting and friends..ahhaa
oh man..shld i go for zhang dong liang's concert?i feel like gg..but no one to go with me.and its quite $ indecisive.hahaa

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


hahaa.its quite scary to know that my blog has been read by 4050 plus ppl! so many! anyway work has been very busy nowadays..quitting my job on next fri.haha.sick of my job alr.accounts is boring like crazy la.ahhaa
as for my spiritual picking it up..which is good.ahha.oh.i got baptised on Easter and my christian name is call charis!=) it means God's grace =)
oh well..i got to go sleep tired..bleh