Thursday, March 20, 2008

were u ever my true friend?

oh gosh.i cant believe im typing this.but i need someway to release wad i feel rite..
let me create a scenario..wad wld u do..if one of ur best frends(or at least u think so) never really treated u as a true friend..why is it that whenever i need someone to talk to..i can never talk to u.cuz apparently we arent close enough.and when im sad.i cant cry in front of u..cuz i said i will never allow myself to cry in front of u..cuz u said u wun know wad to do and u will feel damn weird.why is it that u never really acted like u were my true friend..except when i was in hospital..why is it that after spending so much time with u in JC..our friendship is just a passing thing for u.its like sth of the past.i once believe that as long as i am sincere to a friend and i am willing to invest time with that person.the friendship will be long lasting.i guess i was wrong..i dun understand why..and it's hurting me.its hurting me so much.cuz i really treasure this friendship.why are u always so insensitive to me..esp when others are around.why cant u tell how i feel..maybe my expectations are too high.u were right..i shldnt care so much abt friends..cuz u said friends are not forever.if it doesnt bother u..why shld i be bothered.time to let go.time to let God take over the situation.At least happy memories are still there.At least we were once close.i was so silly.i thot u were my guy best friend.i guess there's no such thing as a guy being ur best friend.Lizhen, get over it.keep the distance and the friendship will still be there..but i guess not a deep one.but better than nth.not worth sacrificing ur time for someone who nv put u as a priority.
its time to focus on God and God alone..yup.thats right.i shld set my priorities right.