Wednesday, June 18, 2008

kent ridge sec

just came back from kent ridge sec. camp.interesting kids.they are quite different from the bedok view some attitude ones..but overall it was fun with them la.after campfire and everything,i believe they bonded was good.the instructors were fun to be with!hahaa.then i did kayaking!damn fun!though the person keep capsizing me.hahaa.and i couldnt climb up!! gosh.hahaa.super fun.then i did abseiling though it was not my first time..but its still fun.hahaa.i got so much tanner!whee!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

so many things to update!

so so many things happened the past week.hahaa
first i was so stressed over choosing which uni to go to..and the after effects of choosing SMU instead of NUS.but im appealing to NUS business..hope i can get in.but everything's in God's hand now.just gonna trust Him no matter what the outcome is..
then i went NUS Kent Ridge camp.i was utterly shocked by how many ppl i know there.cuz i thot i will know no one seriously.i was so scared to go for the camp man..but the ppl are very friendly and nice!very sociable! mendez!=)