Friday, April 28, 2006

thank you Daddy!

in a rather good mood todae..haha..sorry peeps abt yest..early in the morn i was kinda moody..cuz early in the morning i gotten 1 demerit pt.=/ then i got a terrible haircut and then i hvae got cramps..and i din sleep well the night before..then due to communication breakdown i find no one to go gym with me..
weell..but suddenly when i woke up this morning..i realise how great God has been to me and how great my life is now..i have got great frends,still able to cope with sch work and a rather good life..
yest night i was enjoying myslef with a great time of fellowship and worship and sharing of word with the CFians..sudd i juz felt that all my burdens are taken away from me as i worsship Him..and then after that we had a time of word is abt servanthood,how do we really become a true servant in our life..for the bible says, Christ didnt come to be sreved but to serve..yupp..then after that we discussed and had fellowship and garfield and sonia were having a fun time of our own by singing songs with actions and my fav childhood song!haha..but then was kinda worried for Jesse..she is kinda having sum troubles now..really pray that God will guide her where He wants her to go..yupp..but anywae CF is really like my family..i mean we are all brothers and sisters of Christ..haha..its the place where i can sing and dance and nobody will care or say anything..haha..
then i got melodie(whom i can call her mehmeh(sounds like sheep))..ahah..its great to have someone to have the same timetable as u!haha.and we are both very alike in many ways man..seriously..very alike..haha..and i get along rather well with the rest of my classmates..xinying..melissa..lattifah..jay..valentia..kathy..reuben..jerome..etc..haha..

i also have got kailing in ny!!who is always there when i needed her..and also whenever i go back..she will be there to accompany me so that i wun feel uneasy in such a big sch..haha..and not to forget..bonn too!hah..he is such a funny and nice guy..ahha..very easy to toke to him..

and then i got my prayer partner in hua chong!we are still keeping in contact with one another which is really cool..and we share about each others life and pray for each other..i miss her man.haha..and i pray that she will continue to shine in hua chong!

pearleen!xianyu!charmaine! my spiritual sisters!always encouraging me and always there for me when i need to toke to them..i m able to share my spiritual troubles in life with them..and i m super glad that we are still very close to one another!!!

and i m glad that i m still coping well with my work man..haha...thnak God for all these..He is really very good to me!=)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

tired am very tired now..haha
alot of things happening..actually not alot..haha..but there are some things that hit me back to reality..
too tired..gonna do hw now..bye!

i guess it is not meant to be.its time to forget and move on.i always say that.but this time i mad eup my mind.i decided to move on.i felt rather foolish that i once carried is not gonna happen.

Friday, April 21, 2006

i love my BIG Daddy!

shall blog abt yest..ahha..
early in the morn i was in a rather crazy state due to lack of sleep..ahah..

haha.i wrote this on my hand.lolx.

aniwae after sch went gyming!!haha..i only did the cycling machine thingy..hhaa..feel so fit after that..ahha..then went for CF..haha..which was cool..decided to wanna sign up for CF committee(not a last minute decision.prayed last night and made it.)..cuz aniwae the reason i came to AC was because of CF..i prayed to God and somehow God told me to join this particular ministry..yupyup..aniwae whether i m in or not its in God's plan!=)

haha.then after had a wonderful fellowship time with the rest of now..everyone knows i m loud n was a very comfortable feeling to be with them.cuz somehow i easily feel like part of a family..where i can ezpress myslef easily and dun have to hide..hhaha.

honestly after coming to AC,i realise i have become more demure..seriously..duno why also..haha..maybe God wants me to behave like a girl.haha.lolx. night suddenly i had this urge to pray for someone..and i prayed.and after reading that person's blog,i realise God answered my prayer!!whoohoo..isnt He amazing!haha.really glad that the person grew stronger in Christ and also loves God more than before..haha..i will continue to pray for him to continue to stay strong and also continue to keep his focus on God...=) as for whu that someone is,i shall not reveal..hahah...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

rugby match

whee..todae in a good mood.duno why also..then ppl ask me why so i juz say i ate a tomato..cuz its the first time i eat tomato early in the morn?haha.lolx.
aniwae the day slowly drag until end of sch! i watched the rugby match..AC vs NY..
aiyah..before they even play we already knew the outcome..AC rugby players duno train for how many years lar..but nevertheless,NY rugby team put up a good fight..well done! haha..
saw Mr Mao!!!! i forgot that he is the rugby teacher in cool..haha..toke to him for a while after the match..he was saying that NY before coming to play had already guessed that they are going to get thrashed..

ohhohh...and i saw Dorothy!!haha...she came to is so nice to see old faces..somehow.haha..
after the match..i realise some of my frends were in NY rugby team..i toke to wen kai and the other guy (whom i forgot the name)for a while..ahaha..really glad to see them esp wen kai..cuz he was in NY thurs common break CF..haha..then after went home..yupyup..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


hmm..very bored now..
shall blog abt was a rather tiring day..even though not many lessons..haha..aniwae after that went subway to eat with melodie!haha
my first time eating subway ok!haha..aniwae after eating we studied econs..but my efficiency level is 0.1% lar..haha..aniwae subway is nice..haha..but their music not nice one..keep repeating..haha..lousy!haha
after that went home at around 6pm..haha..and i was telling Melodie i was hoping to see ...haha..
but din the end..haha..

cant believe i still cant move on.why does my short term memory only applies for my studies only?haha.i knew it was impossible but why do i have this tinge of hope??haha..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?"
[Haggai 1:4]

There is a crisis of grand proportions in the spiritual house of God today. The moral fiber of our world has eroded. Greed, idolatry, and pleasure are the gods of our day. And it is no different in the Body of Christ.The prophet Haggai wrote about a people who had lost concern for the need to build God's house because they were so focused on their own worldly needs. It is a dangerous place to get with God. When our world begins to focus around increasing our pleasure, building bigger and better homes, and failing to make what is important to God important in our own lives, this should be a warning to us.Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the benches of those selling doves.
"It is written," He said to them, " 'My house will be called a house of prayer,' but you are making it a 'den of robbers' " (Matthew. 21:12-13).
Jesus came into Jerusalem and found the workplace believers buying and selling in the temple. As far as they knew, this was an acceptable practice in their day. Their fathers did it, and now they were doing it. It was business as usual. Jesus got angry, turned over the tables, and said that His house was a house of prayer. He found the workplace believers of the day seeing His house as a place for profit, not prayer. They had stepped into a place of complacency that was not acceptable to the Lord.

When we begin to blend in with the moral condition of an ungodly world, we begin losing God's perspective on life.It is easy to begin blending in with our culture and to accept what is being modeled by the ungodly. God called us to be salt in a world that needs much salt. "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men" (Mt. 5:13).
Each of us must ask ourselves if we have lost our salt. Are we having an impact on our world? Or is our world having an impact on us?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

God's love

have you ever like this person so much that you can imagine dying for him/her?but yet the person dun even noe you care for him/her and that person juz treats you like a passerby in his life..or worst, that person knew that you like him/her yet shows no response.have you ever felt that kind of one sided love pain before.does it hurt alot?i m quite sure that most have felt it.sometimes it hurts so much that we feel like dying..
well,you might think your love for that person is very deep and strong but yet,no.i want to tell you that there is NO love stronger or deeper or greater than the love of God.
John 3:16 says "For God so love the world,He gave His one and only son so that those who believe will NOT perish but have ETERNAL life."
Indeed Jesus was crucified for us.He died for us whom dun even noe Him at that time He died.He became our sin so that we are sinless and so that we will not die.And now that even when some know Him and His love,they just simply dun care cuz they are scare of commitment and other excuses they give.they juz wanna have some fun first.God was crushed for you and yet you wanna have sum fun first?I can imagine how hurtful God must have felt.the pain of seeing His children turning against Him.

All i can say is It is our sins that nailed Him onto the cross but it is His love that made Him hung there.It's never too late to turn to Jesus.The criminal next to Him repented before he died and Jesus said to him"Assuredly,I say to you,today you will be with Me in Paradise" -Luke 23:43

Jesus died for you so why dun you live for Him? those whu are interested to know more go..

God bless!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Your IQ score is 120!
You've got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind and you have mastered the art and science of precision. That's what makes you a Precision Processor. For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, so it's second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, to discover quick solutions while others get bogged down in unnecessary details. This allows you to communicate a variety of ideas to other people, so don't keep it to yourself.

lolx!i took an IQ test...haha..but it seems that it is unaccurate..cuz i really hate maths..thats why i took h1 maths..haha..feeling bored..sigh..have to do my 2nd PI..sian..

Friday, April 07, 2006

happy or sad?

haha.very long time nv blog so much things happening nowdays..
yesterday went back to NYJC to meet up with eat and toke abt our life..and then i walked around the sch..went to see Mr Mao..and Kah Hui came along with us..we chatted abt our own lives..and i heard quite alot of interesting things..haha..which is kinda cool..had a really great time toking to her..sometimes i juz wanna go back NYJC..i miss the ppl there.haha..which includes everyone..haha..aniwae after that had some thinking..

todae was a tiring day..went tempest play at night.haha.was rather nice..watching the ppl dance kinda inspire to wanna dance again..actually,i realise i got a passion for dancing..ever since young,i wanted to be a ballerina..haha..lolx..but nah..nvm..already decide to join CF and their dance audition is tired now..going to sleep..

shall not think abt anyone anymore..=)